What is Zen?


A State of focus that incorporates a total togetherness of body and mind. 


At Underscores Baked Goods, Zen is a way of life, and Zen-like balance is at the heart of everything we make and everything we do.


Whenever we need to unwind, we can always find our Zen sprinkled, drizzled, and swirled in the most wonderful of things - gratitude, awareness and peace.


In honor of everything Zen, we’ve designed an iconic line of artisan desserts that embody the experience, and exactly what it means to us.

UnderScores II-508.jpg


What are Underscores’ Zen Cups?


 A retreat into the wildly decadent. 


We’ve used exclusively organic, vegan, fair-trade, all natural, and non-GMO ingredients free of the 8 major allergens to design the ultimate Zen experience. 


From tiered and blended Zen Cups™, to stuffed and dipped Zen Pillows Treats™, we’ve swirled a little piece of heaven into every bite, down to the last crumb.


It's everything exquisite in a dessert cup, and nothing short of decadent, addictive, love. Responsible indulgence never tasted this good, we promise.



Sincerely Yours, 

Underscores Baked Goods