Naturally, We Mean Business.


At Underscores, exceptional quality comes first. As part of the specialty food market, we recognize that health conscious consumers are tired of compromising on flavor, so we took the time to build a space where they no longer have to.  

As a company, we are committed to creating affordable, high-quality, natural, and indulgent foods using health and allergen focused ingredients. We take allergy concerns very seriously – like many of our customers, our founders’ family lives with food allergy restrictions every day.  

We prepare every product in a strictly-regulated facility using entirely separate, allergen-free equipment. Raw materials and suppliers are meticulously vetted for quality and compliance to ensure our standards are enforced. If we can't find the quality we're looking for in a particular ingredient from any available suppliers, we make our own. Naturally.

We are already actively involved with health and allergy-minded organizations, businesses, and individuals in the New England and Tri-State areas, and we will continue to forge partnerships with those who share our vision of making culinary world a more aspirationally inclusive space.

Check out some of our partnerships here.


Underscores' Baked Goods are Here to Stay.


Behind every great product there is a passion, and our love of food spans a lifetime. Even so, it takes more than that to make a business work, which is why our team is backed by an MBA and a Master of Home Economics and Health Education with over 20 years of prior experience in food science.

Our products are proven. Our reputation is reliable, and we fill orders on time, every time. Our goods fly off the shelves for all the right reasons that are sure to leave you coming back for more.