Luxurious Moments.

The New England and Tri-State's health, allergy, and organic-minded consumers already know Underscores (either through our foodservice operations or retail presence) as both decadently addictive and devilishly convenient.

Carrying our products helps retailers and foodie trendsetters alike to build a certain cache in these markets with a touch of homemade authenticity refined: an authentic, compromise-free sensory experience (at a great price).  

With strong, elegant visuals that stand out on-shelf, we’re easy to find and instantly recognizable.  Customers remember us – and they come back for more.


Taste you can feel. Worry-free.

All Underscores wholesale retail product ingredients are 100% vegan and free from all 8 major allergens: dairy, eggs, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat (gluten), and soy. We actively source unrefined, organic, fair-trade, and sustainably-produced raw ingredients at every opportunity and our packaging is always recyclable.

This makes Underscores an easy go-to recommendation for retail stores, foodservice, and families, whenever anyone asks about any of these issues.

We perfected our artisanal dessert recipes through thousands of tests and refinement, both in-house and in the field. We know we’re cooking up treats that sell reliably because they look and taste better than their mass-produced counterparts – and because people tell us so.

For more information on wholesale retail or foodservice orders, please contact us here.