Our Homegrown Kitchen Rules

Rule 1

We filter the air in our kitchen using HEPA grade air filters for a full 24 hours prior to use.


Rule 2

We prep, thoroughly clean, and sanitize our surfaces throughout production.


Rule 3

We prep and bake without perfumes, body lotions and other scented, treenut based or non-naturally derived body products.


Rule 4

We bake our goods on our own fully dedicated and unshared equipment, and store it in our own completely separate, sealed, and unshared storage facilities.


Rule 5

If we find that one of our utensils, supplies, or pieces of equipment has come in contact with one of our listed allergens and it cannot be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, we buy a new one. 

Please note our founders are allergic to each of the allergens our ingredients are free of. Therefore, our adherence to and use of strict quality control standards and allergen controlled ingredients is an absolute must.

Our commitment to strict production and the highest quality of raw materials extends down to our key ingredient suppliers and their allergen, organic, non-GMO, and fair trade policies. On items such as dried fruits, our oat flour, and caramel, where we cannot identify clean production methods or dislike the taste or quality of the externally sourced ingredient version, we have made the conscious decision to take its production in-house.